Garage Screen Door – Alternative Uses For The SportScreen

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June 26, 2015
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July 31, 2015

When you think about The SportScreen, the first thing that comes to mind is hockey training in your driveway. This is certainly the most common use for The SportScreen that we’ve seen, but there are so many other alternative uses that it can have outside of being the best practice aid on the market for our national sport. Not only are there tons of other sports that The SportScreen can provide protection for, but it can provide other uses that some people may not consider. From practicing lacrosse and baseball in your driveway to using it as a bug screen in the summer, there are tons of alternative uses for The SportScreen. To check out some pictures of The SportScreen in action, click here now!



“Pretty cool. The kids can fire the pucks without worrying about them damaging anything. My son has an 85 mile per hour slap shot and with this product that is not a problem. Great for target practice shooting. It is a great product.” – Ray Fricks on The SportScreen

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Alternative Sports



Hockey is Canada’s biggest and the most popular, so it’s natural that most SportScreen owners are inclined to be focused on hockey. Though most of our customers have used it as a hockey training tool there are tons of other sports that it is perfectly suited for. The two which immediately come to mind are baseball, and Canada’s other national sport, Lacrosse.

Baseball is growing in popularity across Canada, as more Canadian players like Russell Martin, Justin Morneau, Brett Lawrie and Joey Votto become highly recognized in the majors. Likewise, Lacrosse is growing thanks to established National Lacrosse League teams from Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. The SportScreen is able to handle the hardest fastballs and hardest lacrosse shots while keeping your garage door well protected. If you did find that the sport screen split and your garage door became damaged, you could hire a firm similar to Garage Door Repair Charlotte to fix it. We also carry available lacrosse and baseball targets to help improve your overall accuracy. To check out what other sports The SportScreen can be used for, check out our Flickr page!

Using it Outside of the Driveway


Most people use The SportScreen in their driveway, but we’ve had a lot of creative customers set it up in unique ways which they found better suited their needs. We’ve seen The SportScreen used in driveways, inside of garages, in the backyard and even set up in the middle of somebody’s house! Check out our recent blog article Year Round Hockey Training With The SportScreen, to learn more about the versatility of The SportScreen.

As a Bug Screen



If you’re somebody who enjoys working in their garage during the summer, I’m sure you know how annoying bugs and flies can be if you have your garage door open. Usually, there are two alternatives for you. Number one, you leave the garage door closed and work in a hot and stuffy environment, or two, you open the garage door and have flies and other bugs come into your garage and possibly make their way throughout your home. Neither of these options are enjoyable, but The SportScreen can allow you to have the benefit of each option without having to deal with their negative aspects. By simply lowering The SportScreen you will be keeping pesky bugs out of your home while allowing cool fresh air into your garage. It can help create the perfect work environment for people who enjoy using their garage as a work-space.

In Hockey Training Facilities

We’ve seen The SportScreen used in the G&G Skate Training Centre in Kitchener, Ontario with fantastic results. The owner, Larry Gable, has been using it to allow his hockey players to take shots as they train on their skate treadmills and says he finds the product to be unique, durable and incredibly convenient. To view our interview with Mr. Gable about how The SportScreen has been a big plus for his skate training centre, check out our blog article The SportScreen Review: G&G Skate Training Centre.