Power Conversion Kit
May 29, 2017
Custom Golf Screen
September 13, 2018

Power Golf Screen 10″



Ships in 5-10 business days

Choose from our standard sizes:  10′ or 16′ wide with a maximum height of 126″

Includes bottom and mid bars

**SportScreens are not guaranteed against golf balls, a hard drive can damage the mesh.  Must be used with an impact screen (purchased separately)

2” Velcro HOOK sewn on one side of SportScreen at 111” from top of Velcro to bottom of screen.

Fully retractable c/w remote control operation

**Impact screen not included. Velcro your impact screen (sold by others) directly to The SportScreen.   Available at Par2Pro  1-877-417-2161 or

Check out these videos by Par2Pro!

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10', 16'