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May 29, 2015
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Quite recently, we had the opportunity to be interviewed by Long Nguyen of Spoke TV concerning our product The SportScreen. They became interested in talking to us after seeing us on our previous Dragons’ Den appearance (which you can view here). During their short piece on us, they were interested in understanding how we started our business, what it’s like to operate a start-up business like The SportScreen and they also talked to our sales representative Matt Gazzola about his experiences working with the company. To view The SportScreen’s available options, click here now!


“Pretty cool. The kids can fire the pucks without worrying about them damaging anything. My son has an 85 mile per hour slap shot and with this product that is not a problem. Great for target practice shooting. It is a great product.” Ray Ficks (California) on The SportScreen

What is Spoke TV?

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Spoke TV is a local show that broadcasts on Rogers TV in the Waterloo region. The show itself is produced weekly by second year Journalism Broadcast students who attend Conestoga College in Waterloo, Ontario. They do video pieces on subjects such as daily news, entertainment, sports, or health/lifestyle. The video broadcast is a section of Conestoga College’s Spoke Newspaper, which is also run through the college’s journalism program. They post their journalism pieces on their Youtube page. To help with any live segments that they may decide to introduce into their broadcasts in the future, the journalists could find it in their best interests to have a look at fiber optic video as this has been known to help improve the quality of the stream. It is also meant to help them with any wireless video streaming that they may decide to do.

Spoke TV posts their journalism pieces on their Youtube page, SpokeOnline, where you can find numerous videos concerning what’s happening in the Waterloo region. We currently have a student from Conestoga College named Matt Gazzola working with us at The SportScreen, as was mentioned in the video interview. Here’s a little more about his experience working with us as our sales and operations representative.

What it’s like to work for The SportScreen

Matt has been working with The SportScreen now for a little over two years, and in that time he’s been able to see its growth as a startup business. When asked what his favourite part about working with The SportScreen was, he said that there were three reasons: First, he enjoyed the fact that he gets to work with an amazing product and that he’s proud of the business he’s become a part of. Second, he said that he’s happy to be working with a business that’s in his field of interest, as he grew up playing hockey and still does. Lastly, he said he really enjoys the challenge of bringing a new product into the marketplace.

Working with a start-up company can be difficult at times and Matt believes that the toughest part is having to figure out what’s going to work and what isn’t. It has taken some time to figure out what avenues work the best to get the product in front of people (retail vs direct, etc.)

Matt claims that the appearance on Dragons’ Den has really helped to create traffic to The SportScreen’s web page, and the general awareness of the product since the episode has been outstanding. He saw not only increased numbers in Canada, but in the United States as well. Overall, his journey working with The SportScreen has been a fantastic experience and he hopes to see it continue to grow into a household name.