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April 30, 2015
Year Round Hockey Training With The SportScreen
May 14, 2015

Recently, many hockey players have begun using skating treadmills to help improve their skating ability. If you’ve never seen a skating treadmill in action, check out this video taken from G&G Skate Training Centre:

G&G Skate Training Centre Inc. of Kitchener, Ontario, has been open since 2008, and since then they have been helping hockey players improve their speed, conditioning, skating mechanics, and shot by using skating treadmills and The SportScreen.  In April we had the opportunity to chat with the owner of G&G Training Centre, Larry Gabel, to discuss what it’s like to own a treadmill training facility and to find out what he believes are the advantages of using The SportScreen for training. To view more information on The SportScreen, click here now!


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 “I wish I would have bought it years ago. Before we had to say no more pucks because of all the damage but now we can let the kids shoot all the pucks they want. Their shooting is becoming amazing. Putting it inside of the garage was awesome as it provide a safe place for the kids to play all year.” – Craig, a SportScreen Customer

Interview With Larry Gabel

Thanks for taking the time to do this SportScreen review Larry. First, tell us a little about your facility. What type of training do you see most often?

I see skating training most often. I have two skating treadmills, and one rapid shooting machine in my facility, so those are often being used. The SportScreen is put in front of a mirror which is in front of the treadmills so the person can see themselves skating and work on their form. When they want to practice shooting, we just lower The SportScreen and they’re able to practice shooting off the treadmills.

What made you first consider using The SportScreen in your facility?

Mostly because of the room it saved. It’s easy to retract so it makes it ideal for saving room.

What issue/problem has The SportScreen solved for you?

Well like I said, it’s great for saving space. But it’s allowed the people training on the treadmills to shoot while skating, which is a pretty big plus.

What was your first impression of The SportScreen?

I thought it was very unique, sturdy, durable, and flexible as well. Just overall a good product.

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What do you like best about The SportScreen?

It’s easy to use.

You have the remote controlled versions in your facility, correct?

Yeah, it’s just really convenient to click a button and have my clients go from skating, to shooting and skating in just a couple moments rather than having to move rooms or set up something to protect the mirror.

Do your customers ever mention The SportScreen, and if so what do they say about it?

All the time. They always talk about how unique of a product they think it is and how it would help save them money on costly garage door repairs.

What would you say to people who are considering purchasing The SportScreen either for training or for home use?

I’d tell them it’s great simply for its ability to allow you to shoot pucks all year round. I tell people that all the time now, about how convenient it is. You can just set it up inside and shoot away.

Who’s your favourite hockey team? I am guessing the Leafs?

Yeah, I’d have to go with the Leafs.

What about player?

Mikkel Boedker of the Phoenix Coyotes

Really? I didn’t expect that answer, why do you choose Boedker?

I know him (laughs)!

Oh yeah well, that makes sense, you’ve got to go with the guy you know. So last question here, but it’s a tough one, who’s going to win the Stanley Cup this year?

Yeah, that is tough. It’s really tight this year and hard to tell, but I’ll go with the Jets. I like their team.



Unfortunately for Mr. Gabel, the Jets didn’t fair well in the playoffs, but no need to worry for they have a bright future ahead of them. Though the Jets prediction didn’t work out well, we’re very pleased with how The SportScreen has been beneficial to him and that he’s been able to see it produce positive training results. If you have any questions about The SportScreen or any of our other available products, please contact us today!


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