The SportScreen vs Tarp, Plywood, and Garage Doors

Why SportScreen is a necessary investment…from a Hockey Mom’s perspective!
April 20, 2015
The SportScreen Product Reviews
April 30, 2015

People have been using makeshift materials for years to try and protect their property from incoming pucks, baseballs, and lacrosse balls. While some of these products may work for a while, none of them match up to The SportScreen in effectiveness and durability. This article will go through the pros and cons of using tarps, plywood, garage doors, and The SportScreen for shooting practice in your driveway. To see The SportScreen in action, click here now!


Fun to use, wish would have done it earlier in the summer. It is great to have. Definitely wished we would have got it earlier in the summer. Can’t wait until this summer.” – Beth Ritter



This is the one almost all hockey kids remember. Using a tarp can be cost effective and it’s always fairly easy to hook on to your garage for installation. In just a couple of minutes you can have it up and ready for shooting practice. The main issue with using a tarp is that they generally don’t last very long. A fast enough shot will rip holes into a tarp, meaning that you’ll have to go out and purchase a new one over and over again. When it works, it works well, but it’s not the most durable option out there.


Another popular makeshift way to protect your property during shooting practice is to use pieces of plywood. Installation is simple, because all you have to do is place the plywood in front of where you’re planning on doing the shooting. The major issue with using plywood for protection is that it’s nearly impossible to ensure you hit the wood with every shot. It covers a fairly small area which makes it a pretty ineffective choice. Also, if you hit it with a decently hard shot it will splinter or possible crack in half. Plywood is strong, and will protect anything behind it, but overall it’s not a very effective or durable solution.

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Garage Doors


To use a garage door for shooting practice, all you need to do is simply walk out into your driveway and fire away. While most garage doors are built out of a strong material, they are not made to withstand hundreds or thousands of shots with a hard ice hockey puck. This is not to mention that every shot may become a new dent or hole which damages your personal property. It is convenient, but not the best idea for any home owner. You may want to see if an industrial style door will be better for your garage, going online to the INDUSTRIAL DOOR COMPANY can help you chose for that extra protection.

The SportScreen


This is the premier option for anyone who is hoping to practice their shot both outdoors and indoors. The SportScreen is made of highly durable mesh that is able to withstand thousands upon thousands of shots. Its large size will minimize the chances of a shot damaging anything outside of it, and its easy one time installation is incredibly convenient. Furthermore, if your SportScreen needs to be placed over a door or any other type of entrance, then you can simply install some tarp zippers for easy access. There are no alternatives that match The SportScreen’s protective abilities.

SportScreen CHart

From this chart you can see that The SportScreen is the only option that covers every category. It’s easy to install, has the ability to stop pucks and protect your property, and is very durable. The tarp and plywood options will stop pucks and protect your property some of the time, but they don’t offer the same high quality of The SportScreen. If you want more information about The Sportscreen, or some of our other available products (such as The SportCurb, or our synthetic ice shooting pad), feel free to contact us by clicking on the logo below!