Top 5 Best NHL Players of the 2014-15 Season

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May 14, 2015
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May 29, 2015

As the NHL playoffs roll on, it’s a good time to take a look at some of the best NHL players from this past year and what it was about this season made them so good.

This was quite a different year in the NHL, as many of the regular dominant players faced a lot of competition at the top. The league itself seemed much more balanced than usual. This makes it difficult to choose top 5 players for this season, but we will still try! If you’d like to check out some of our available products first, click here now!



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5. Jamie Benn








How could I have the player with the most points in 2014-15 ranked at number 5? Well, there’s a couple reasons. First off, Benn finished the season with an incredible 10 points in his last three games, finishing the season with 87 points, leading the league. He has been a very solid player in the NHL for a couple years now, but the only reason he’s taking home the Art Ross trophy this year is his final three games.

Second, despite his efforts Dallas was unable to make it to the playoffs. Although it is not his fault, it is the marker by which all great players are judged. I’m sure both he and linemate Tyler Seguin will get to the playoffs soon enough and will become regarded as the best one-two in the league.

4. Sidney Crosby

Had Crosby and his team had some better luck health wise, he’d probably be your top player for this year. Crosby is consistently good, so even an 84-point campaign in a 77 game season seems like a down year for him. He didn’t come close to his 104-point season from a year ago, but he’s still one of the best in the league if not the best.

With his usual linemate, Chris Kunitz, having one of the worst years since joining the Penguins, it seemed like there was nobody left to play with Sid. Not to worry though, as I’m sure he’ll be back to his 95+ point self again next year. If you’d like to train to have smooth hands like Sid the Kid, use The Green Biscuit and a Shooting Pad.

3. John Tavares

Wanting to show that last year’s season-ending injury wasn’t going to derail his progression into the elite, Tavares went out and had his best season of his career. His 86 points were a career-high, and he was only bested by Benn for the Art Ross trophy in Benn’s last game of the season.

Much like Crosby, Tavares has show that he can play with anyone and be successful. When his linemate Kyle Okposo went down with an eye injury, Tavares was able to allow players like Anders Lee, Josh Bailey, and Ryan Strome fill that void while still playing strong. He also established himself as a good road player, gaining 45 of his 86 points on the road. He’ll be a force in this league for a long time to come.

2. Alexander Ovechkin

What a year for The Great 8. The only player this year to amass over 50 goals, finishing the year with a league-high 53. The next closest? Steven Stamkos with 43.

In a down year for goal scorers around the league, Ovechkin refused to be fazed and proved to everyone that he is THE elite goal scorer of the NHL. Once again, he finished at the top of the league in shots (395) and game-winning goals (11) and finished in the top ten in hits (259). He also managed to improve his +/- from a poor -35 to a much better +10.

Ovechkin is that incredibly fast and strong 3rd line energy player every team loves, except he also has the best shot in the league. Not a bad combination. Think your shot is as fast as Ovechkin’s? Test it out using our SportTrac X Radar Gun!

1. Carey Price

So why was he the best this year? Well, because he was better than everyone else. I’ll be fairly shocked if Price doesn’t take home the Hart Trophy this year as the league MVP. Just looking at his numbers, he was outstanding. He started 66 games this season winning a league-leading 44 of them. His goals against average (GAA) and save percentage (SV%) were also the lowest in the league at 1.96 and .933 respectively. His nine shutouts were second only to Marc-Andre Fleury’s 10.

These have easily been the best numbers of his career and are the best numbers the league has seen in years. If his individual stats weren’t enough, he single-handedly won the Montreal Canadiens the Atlantic Division as they finished with only 221 goals for this year. This tied Montreal with Pittsburgh for the least amount of goals for any playoff team. If he’s not the MVP of the league, I don’t know who is. To work on beating goalies as good as Price, practice using our Goalie Pro-Target.


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