Year Round Hockey Training With The SportScreen

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May 7, 2015
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May 29, 2015

One of the most challenging things about playing hockey is finding a sufficient place to practice, no matter what season it is. During the summers, it’s nearly impossible to find ice-time, but during the winters it’s hard to find a way to practice conveniently outside of being on the ice.

One of the benefits of owning The SportScreen is that you’re able to train conveniently throughout the entire year because of it’s numerous setup capabilities. By ordering a set of spare mounting brackets you are able to move your SportScreen to other areas of your home depending on the season.  While The SportScreen is mostly used in the driveway, what most people don’t know is that it can be set up in other areas.   Other options for setting up your SportScreen are: your backyard, directly in your house, in your basement, as well as inside of your garage! Setup only takes an hour or less, making The SportScreen a convenient and easy way to practice. To view The SportScreen, and our other available products, click here now!

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I was very impressed with the product, it serves its purpose well. It has some great qualities, and It’s very strong!” – Calvin Payne on The SportScreen

Traditional Driveway Use

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This is the most common setup that we’ve seen for The SportScreen. During the Summer nobody wants to be stuck indoors, so many people choose to set their SportScreen up in their driveway to enjoy the outdoors when they work on their shot during the off-season. It has a highly appealing look, so many people enjoy having The SportScreen in the front of their house. This is unlike other backdrop alternatives, such as painters tarps, or plywood. It’s also optimally sized to fit perfectly in front of your garage door to ensure the highest level of property protection. Other products which work great with this setup include The SportCurb, and a valance.


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Setting up your SportScreen in your backyard tends to provide confidence in protection, as even those who tend to miss their shots have minimal risk of doing property damage. You would need two solid foundations to attach The SportScreen’s mounting brackets, so some additional measurements and installations of the foundations would need to be done first. In this setup, the SportScreen serves as a catching net to ensure that you don’t lose any pucks or balls and makes it easier to collect them once you have finished your practice. If this is the way you’d prefer to set up your SportScreen, you should make sure to purchase a synthetic ice shooting pad to ensure a real, on-ice feel to your shot when on grass or a patio.

In The House










Some people choose to set up The SportScreen inside of their home. Unlike the traditional driveway set-up, you’re able to practice every day in the comfort of your own home without worrying about the weather. This quick and easy setup also means that you’re able to set up in the middle of a room, like seen above, by simply attaching the mounting brackets to the walls of your home. This is a viable option, as the SportScreen can be retracted in a matter of seconds once you’re done practicing.

Inside of a Garage/ In a Basement









If you’re looking to use the SportScreen for year round hockey training and optimize its ability to protect your property, then this is a good option. It ensures that you’re able to practice your shot no matter what the weather is outside, and The SportScreen is able to cover a large area of the wall.  It’s convenient, out of the way, and makes for a wonderful alternative to the traditional driveway set up. If you think that any of these setups may work for you, feel free to contact us by clicking here!