The Ultimate Home Training Zone

We created the best training tool for sports so you can take thousands of shots and get ahead of the competition.









Thousands of shots. None of the dents. Refine your game from the comfort of your driveway.



A stylish accessory for your home that the neighbours will love. Forget the ugly tarp. The SportScreen is styling.



Use The SportScreen with the click of a button.
It’s so easy, a 5-year could use it.

Also available in a manual version.




The SportScreen is quick and easy to install and requires only a few tools.



The SportScreen is designed to withstand the harshest of environments and thousands of shots from pucks.



Work on your fastball, lacrosse shot and soccer kick with The SportScreen. An awesome training tool for all sorts of sports.

Our Customers Love The SportScreen


Evan Drury (AAA Baseball, AA Hockey), Kitchener, Ontario

“We no longer hear the loud bangs from the old wood board we had set up inside our garage for my son to shoot pucks at.  I was able to get rid of it and free up space in our garage for storage.  My son plays rep hockey and baseball and gets to use his SportScreen and SportScreen targets for pitching as well as shooting hockey pucks.”


Daniel McCutcheon (AAA Hockey, AAA Baseball), Waterloo, Ontario

“My son Daniel is playing rep hockey and baseball after hours of shooting pucks and hitting baseballs into the SportScreen year round. He has been able to work on his curveball and develop a hard fastball by practicing right in our driveway. We’ve had our SportScreen for almost 3 years. It’s still in great shape and most importantly, so is my garage door!”


Justin (AAA Hockey) and Noel Hoefenmayer (2nd Round Draft pick to Ottawa 67's), Toronto, Ontario

“Our garage door could barely open and close anymore from all the dents. By getting The SportScreen we were able to purchase a new garage door and give our house a better look. Our neighbours are happy as well.”


Designed to Withstand Anything You Throw At It

The SportScreen is made of high-tenacity open mesh polyester fabric designed to perform in the harshest environments and take thousands of hard-hitting shots and throws. It’s manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility that makes high-grade industrial and commercial products so you know that you are getting the best of the best.

Made in Canada, it was designed to withstand the cold, snow, rain and sun. Plus, it
comes with a 2-year warranty, though we’re confident you won’t need to use it.

Ready to Order? Choose your SportScreen

Custom Power


Custom Manual


10 Ft. Manual


16 Ft. Manual


16 Ft. Power


10 Ft. Power


Don't see your garage here or have a unique setup? In most cases, we can manufacture a custom SportScreen to fit your garage. Our Measurement Guide contains instructions for taking the required measurements and you can fill out the form at the bottom of this page or Contact Us to submit your custom order.

See Sizing Examples here.

Easy to Install

The SportScreen is super easy to install.
Here’s what you need to get it set up:


Phillips Screwdriver, power drill and ladder


A good buddy to
give you a hand


A few cold beers for you and your buddy

A Perfect Training Tool for Other Sports


Practice Your Baseball Pitch

Prepare for the big leagues! The SportScreen can handle more fastballs than you can throw at it.


Refine Your Lacrosse Shot

Improve your lacrosse stick and shooting skills with drastically shorter ball retrieval time.


Improve Your Soccer Kick

Work on the power and accuracy of your kick without leaving your driveway.


Our Personal 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t think The SportScreen is the coolest, easiest and most effective way to work on your shots, throws and kicks, get in touch with us and we’ll refund your purchase, no questions asked. For more info read our Refund & Shipping Policy.

Order The SportScreen Today!

  • Designed to withstand the harsh Canadian winters
  • Shoot pucks all day long
  • Great for other sports
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Take It To the Next Level With These Accessories


Shooting Pad and Puck Rebounder

The Shooting Pad and Puck Rebounder protects your expensive hockey stick investment from damage by simulating the experience of shooting on ice. Practice your passing and one-timers with the puck rebounder.




Easily-detachable Goalie, Lacrosse and Baseball targets attach to The SportScreen and roll up right along with your screen. Targets are attached with heavy duty Velcro.

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

  • Does my garage door have to be closed in order for The SportScreen to function properly?

    No, The SportScreen works independently from your garage door! In fact, most prefer to use The SportScreen with the garage in the up position allowing for an open atmosphere inside your garage.  The SportScreen was designed to protect your garage contents and vehicles as well as a closed garage door.

  • Can I Buy a SportScreen In Stores?

    We are working with a number of independent retailers in Canada & US.  For more information please contact us to see if we have a store in your area.  It is shipped to you directly from our warehouse.

  • How much will shipping cost with my order?

    We charge $10-$49.99 depending on the product you are receiving. We ship anywhere in Canada and the U.S. View our Shipping Policy here.

  • What is your Return/Refund policy?

    We are confident you will love The SportScreen, but if you need to return your product, we make it as easy as possible. View our Return/Refund Policy here.

  • My garage has a unique design and/or size; can I still install a SportScreen?

    Depending on how “unique” the design is, The SportScreen may still be able to be installed. Please contact us at 1-855-727-3360 if you have any questions. Custom SportScreens are available from $525 and up.

  • If I leave my SportScreen mounted during the winter, will it be affected by the weather?

    No, The SportScreen is designed to withstand the harshest weather and temperatures. We do however recommend removing snow buildup from the top of your SportScreen to prevent any sagging and to ensure proper function. Please refrain from using sharp objects to clear snow and ice, as this could possibly damage the mesh.

  • How do I get power to my SportScreen?

    The SportScreen power cord is on the right hand side of the screen.  You can drill through your home into the garage to the closest standard 110W power outlet.  It is also possible to plug the screen into an outside outlet.

  • I have no power source available where I plan to mount my SportScreen.  What can I do?

    A manual roll up SportScreen is available if power is not readily available.  The manual version comes equipped with Easy-Snap Buckles hat stores conveniently out of the way.  This version of The SportScreen rolls up in about 30 seconds. Contact us at 1-855-727-3360 for details.

  • How do I install my SportScreen?

    Our Installation page contains Owners Manuals and short videos that guide you through every step along the way.

  • I have lights and/or decorations already mounted over my garage; can I still mount and install a SportScreen?

    The SportScreen projects 5″ from each door jamb. It also projects 7″ out from the front of the jamb depending on where it is placed and its total width projecting out is 16″. Please make the proper measurements to ensure that your garage and light fixtures can accommodate a SportScreen. If a standard bracket is infeasible, we will work with you to create a custom solution for your home using a shim kit. The Shim Kit is a plastic backing to Part B of our bracket (Listed in the User’s Manual) and will help project the net an extra 2″ from the house which should accommodate most obstructions. Other options include having your curtain roll off the front instead of the back, this adds extra clearance between the net and the house to accommodate most obstructions.

  • My SportScreen is not hanging evenly, what can I do?

    If your SportScreen is not hanging evenly pull on the higher end when the curtain is in the rolled up position, until the curtain is even. This technique can also be applied if the SportScreen gets stuck due to buildup of ice and snow in the mesh.

  • Does The SportScreen come with add-ons like nets or targets?

    We currently have a hockey goalie, baseball, and lacrosse targets available for purchase on our Products page.  Targets can also be added to The SportScreen using items such as road chalk or duct tape. The SportScreen Ltd. assumes no liability for other modifications to the original products and does not guarantee that all modifications will not damage the screen.

  • What is the warranty on your products?

    SportScreen products are guaranteed for 2 (two) years from the original retail purchase against defects in materials and workmanship.

  • I am interested in becoming a SportScreen dealer, how can I do this?

    We are always looking for possible business partners and product dealers. Please contact us at 1-855-727-3360 or so we can discuss how to successfully incorporate The SportScreen into your product library.

  • Do you have a toll-free number?

    Yes, we can be reached at 1-855-727-3360 during regular business hours.